What do you mean, it’s December already? Christmas Drinks

Ok, so NSW CFUG has been a little slow off the mark this year – what do you say? Ah, yes, well this is a family blog and we can’t use those sorts of words in posts written before 9pm.

Since you’ve obviously missed us so much, it is probably time to catch up for Christmas drinks. Let’s say Monday the 11th of December, 6pm at the Lord Nelson pub. Please RSVP in the comments of this post. No presentations, just a general catchup to find out what everyone has been up to since WebDU (busy, isn’t it?) and perhaps discuss what sort of format people would be interested in for next year.



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2 Comments on “What do you mean, it’s December already? Christmas Drinks”

  1. OK, someone has to be the first – and offer to keep you company, don’t want you drinking alone… I’ll be there!!

  2. Martin Gara Says:

    I would have been there but it’s now Tuesday and obviously I’ve missed it. Any reports on how it went coming?

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