Pinging the NSW ColdFusion Community

Ok, so perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to relaunch the usergroup during the summer silly season. We had a rather small meeting in December (Andrew Muller and Chris Velevitch shared the potato wedges with me) and the January meeting date has passed in a moment of holiday disorganisation. This leaves Feburary to catch up before Webdu descends upon us. Again, if anyone has any feedback about what format you’d like meetings to take or subjects we can cover, please comment on the previous post.



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2 Comments on “Pinging the NSW ColdFusion Community”

  1. johanes Says:

    Hi, I’m wondering where do you having meeting. I only can find out that the next meeting is 16 May 2007. Thanks

  2. Jim Ellis Says:


    Looking for a Cold Fusion Developer for 3-6 months if anyone is interested. In Sydney great rates.

    Please help.

    Jim 8021 1827

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