Charlie Arehart and Steve Bryant Live

Join us at 6:30pm this Wednesday September 12th at the RocketBoots offices for beer, pizza and two live guests from the U.S of A…

This month we have some “Fusioneers Handy Tools – keep your coding on
track and projects steaming along”

First up we have Charlie Arehart who shows how all ColdFusion
developers now have tools to step through their code interactively,
whether running on CF 6, 7, or 8. For those moving to CF8, there is
now a debugger built into CF, but it works only with CF8. For those on
CF 6, 7, or 8, they can use the commercial FusionDebug tool
( . Both are plug-ins for Eclipse which enable
step debugging, with similarities and differences that Charlie will

Then Steve Bryant with then show us CodeCop which is a ColdFusion code
checker. It will selectively read code on the local system and report
back possible issues. It is fully configurable and you can choose
which rules it will use to determine possible issues or even make your
own rules (or import rules packages that others have created).

About our presenters for this meeting:

About Charlie Arehart
A veteran ColdFusion developer since 1997, Charlie Arehart is a
longtime contributor to the ColdFusion community. A certified Advanced
CF Developer and Instructor for CF 4-7 & member of the Adobe Community
Experts program, he is now an independent contractor providing
high-level troubleshooting and tuning assistance as well as training
and mentoring for CF teams. He also now runs the Online ColdFusion
Meetup with Ray Camden, is a frequent presenter at conferences/user
groups worldwide, and lives and works in Apharetta, GA (outside
About Steve Bryant
Steve Bryant is the founder and CEO of Bryant Web Consulting LLC
( and teaches ColdFusion at Breakaway
Interactive ( He got his BA in
philosophy at Oklahoma State University. Steve, one of the top
ColdFusion developers in the country, still has no idea how that led
to a career in Web development. Steve blogs at as one of CFDJ’s published bloggers.

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One Comment on “Charlie Arehart and Steve Bryant Live”

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    Please help.

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